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ICANN to approve new TLDs of all types! .brand or .something

Today ICANN announced that it would be approving Top level domains of any kind allowing users to create any extension of their wish.The decision was confirmed and made public at the conference held at Singapore.This would be great change brought about in the internet history!

ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) announced plans for this , earlier in 2008.This decision of ICANN now will allow individuals and organisations to create any TLD extension like .brand , .car , .bank , .sports and whatever they like! The extension may be any script and name.

Currently ICANN has approved 22 global TLDs and 150 regional TLDs.Now by approving new TLDs ICANN expects about 300 to 1000 new TLDs as an alternative to existing TLDs.Canon has made a public announcement that it would apply for .canon domain.

ICANN will soon begin a global campaign to tell the world about this dramatic change in Internet names and to raise awareness of the opportunities afforded by new gTLDs (generic TLD). Applications for new gTLDs will be accepted from 12 January 2012 to 12 April 2012.

The infographic below would give you an idea on how the new program would be…

ICANN to approve more TLD[Via]

What do you think of this decision by ICANN? Do you welcome this? Share your thoughts in comments!

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Arjun @TechField
Arjun @TechField

Wow ! A fully customized domain extension ! Let's wait for 2012 ! can I get .field as my blog title is TechField ? Planned to buy as tech.field :D No more .com , .org , .co or any other stuffs :D

Cool man !


Don't forget that it will be costly too, for sure...