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Microsoft Web Store has been Defaced by Chinese hacker group

Evil Shadow Team, a Chinese hacker group defaced the Microsoft India Web Store recently. The site contained a black page with a picture, a tag line and a text link. The link took the user to the defacer’s blog which was titled as 7z1’s Blog. The information about the hacker was not given enough on that blog.

It is said that all the Log in information has been stolen by the hacker and Microsoft is trying to restore access to the users who lost their accounts.

The defacer published the screenshot of the site which was defaced in his blog. See below.

They have given a tag line “Unsafe system will be baptized“. The defaced URL which was published in hacker’s blog is here: Microsoft has already removed the defaced page and told media that they’ll restore access to the site to users.

Microsoft had already sent the customers a guidance on this issue. The hackers indicated that they found a security flaw on Microsoft India Web Store website. This story was first published on a Tech blog named ‘WP Sauce’ ( Here, WP doesn’t refers to ‘WordPress’ but it refers to ‘Windows Phone’.

The main page of Microsoft India Web Store ( appeared as shown below for few minutes till Microsoft found the issue.

The account holders are supposed to change their passwords immediately. The hackers has released the stolen passwords for download but now it is not available for download. Link here: (Broken).

Some blogs also released the screenshots of the Database which contained the usernames and passwords of customers who hold accounts in Microsoft India Web Store.

See the above screenshot. It was captured when the released Database file was available for download.

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