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Qyuki: Indian Social Networking site from Cisco

Qyuki, the new upcoming Indian Social Networking website has been founded by Shekhar Kapoor, Director of Indian Films and A.R. Rahman, King of Music who has won the prestigious award for the song “Jai ho” where he composed in a movie “Slumdog Millionaire”.

Cisco has invested 27 crore INR ($5.47 million USD) for this new Social Media website. We may have a question about the arrival of new social networking site when other social medias like Facebook and Twitter are serving their services very well. Mr.Kapur, Co-Founder of Qyuki told that the users will be allowed to share all pictures, videos and other stuffs like a normal social networking site but he added that Qyuki will contain more than a normal social networking site will do.

Qyuki is now under construction and it will be soon released in the month of April or May. Initially, the site targets the country India but however, it gives access to other countries across the web too.

Qyuki is conducting career opportunity for youngsters. You can send your resume to them if you satisfy they qualification and if you have enough skills as mentioned in the following site:

Qyuki needs some talented and skillful people for the development of the platform which is till now teamed up with 25 people in Bangalore who are working hard to bring out a real and powerful social media on the web.

Other pages of the site sounds forbidden except the career page. Cisco also plans to invest 300 INR ($60 million USD) for the start of such social media environment.

Well, we welcome any technology to this word if they are useful and also if they make man life become more easier than ever.

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