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Schedule your Facebook status updates and Save time!

Status updates on Facebook from friends makes you to feel at that situation, whether it is funny or fact or sorrowful. It makes you to feel for that situation. Some people on Facebook had gone crazy that they update the thing whatever they do in daily life.I got a status like, “Just now got up from bed”, “Today I didn’t bath”, “Hi”, “Good morning” etc. People receives comments and likes for these status too.

People comment like “LOL”, “ROFL” always, however they didn’t laugh or rolled on floor on seeing that status. This is what going on the crew named “Facebook”. People receive likes even to the comment “LOL”.

When we dig up the history of “Status Updates”, we usually put “Online”, “Offline”, “Busy”, “I’m not at the desk right now!” etc. Because once upon a time when we sued messengers alone for chatting, we had only those options. May be, newer versions of Messengers are having awesome features for status updates. Now a days, it got changed! Only few on Facebook, that too occasionally writes such statuses.

We should not blame on people. Social Media is the main reason. It provided text boxes for writing status. It made people not only to play in fun but also huge interest over social networking sites.

So, my question to you is, Are you going to waste your time in updating your statuses on Facebook? You can save your time by scheduling your status updates! Suppose, when you are at a Theater as per that day’s plan. You would like to notify your friends that you are in theater. Will you search for nearest PC to update your status? Okay! I guessed.You tell that I can update status using mobile. Consider, you have forgotten your mobile at your home or you don’t get signal inside the Theater room. How will you update your status? Just use the Facebook Application called PostCron.

When you are at home, just schedule your status at a time when you are at Theater. The Application posts your status in the scheduled time or date. You can post in any time or date you want! You no need to worry about status updates inside a theater room. I told Theater as an example but you can do this for any activity. Even when you sleep. Schedule a status at 2:00 am as “Sleeping. Do not Disturb!”. 😛

Not only the Status updates. you can also schedule posting a link, photo or even a Twitter Tweet! Awesome?

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