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Security issue: Whats happening on Facebook daily?

Facebook is the most favorite social networking site for kids, youngsters and elders. Kids use them for Games, Youngsters might use it for chatting, dating and other funs. At last, Elders use it for business or some other purposes. Facebook is meant for everyone who is above 13 and also it restricts some features for people under 18. We love each and every features of Facebook but do you know what’s daily happening on Facebook with respect to security? Did you ever thought of it? Here, I’ll just say the daily happenings on Facebook about security.

Facebook, largest social networks gets large number for sign ups and log ins each and every day. Around 600,000 log ins gets compromised each day. Around 5,000,000 users become spammers themselves or driven by other spam initiators. Facebook says that 0.06% out of one billion log ins compromises. 0.5% users becomes gets spam.

Now a days, Facebook acts like Windows operating system where people are afraid of Viruses and other stuffs. This is not unusual. When a company becomes popular, hackers, crackers and spammers start their campaign. The company should really concentrate more on its security.

When your account is lock out, you need to select three to five trusted friends and Facebook will send code to them for activation. Isn’t ugly? So, Protect your account. Give friend requests only to people you know personally. If you want to have fans, create a page and receive more likes. Every people likes the like button. Some people are even crazy to like their own comment or status.

And, another thing is, please be careful on clicking links on Facebook. Click only if you are sure that the link is safe.

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