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See Online friends on Facebook when you are Offline

I have posted many articles on Facebook, both news and tricks. But this trick is really helpful and more useful for everyone. Recently, Facebook made changes in their chat options. The new feature added is, we can go offline to a specific friend or list whom you consider as nuisance.

The most disadvantageous thing in Facebook is absence of this feature officially on Facebook but API developers made it different. They made this stuff possible.

Most of the people like Google’s chat feature as they provide features like invisible mode where you can see online friends even when you are shown as offline to them. Most of the friends asked me about the same feature in Facebook. But what can I do? I am just a blogger and not CEO of Facebook. 😛

Application developers on Facebook has been increased because the Application users raised. An Application is hidden on Facebook which shows your online friends even when your chat is in offline mode. Launch the Application using the following link: http://apps.facebook.com/newonlinenow

Like other Apps, this App too requires some information like your Public info and Online Presence of your friends. Just click ‘Allow’.

After you click the ‘Allow’ button, you will be taken to the Application where you can see all Online Friends though you are offline. Similar to the screenshot below:

 Look at the above picture. You can see that the chat is offline but the application shows all the online users. The specialty of this Application is, you can see friends who are idle on Facebook chat. I think now Facebook has removed the idle option officially.

Hope you liked this Application. Just try the App! You’ll like it.

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