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Deleted Pictures on Facebook are still accessible

You may use Facebook to share Photos of your important events or any other. Whatever Pictures you upload on Facebook, it generates a  public link below the image so that you can share the photo with non Facebook members.

Recently an issue raised regarding this. When a Picture is deleted from Facebook, it is not visible who access them in Photos on Facebook of their Profile but they can still have access to the photos by using direct URL of the link which was generated automatically during upload for non Facebook members.

When the company was interviewed, they said that people can still access the photos with public URL for reasonable period of  time. Company said that they can’t stop access to the picture that is accessed by direct public URL of the image.

Using the public URL, people can share photos with friends by Email and other stuffs. To control privacy, the person who shares those pictures must do it. The Public URL is shown only to the person who uploads it on Facebook.

The issue didn’t went so deep as this risk is in the hands of the account holder who handles it.

I have also received complaints from friends that some stranger asks the public link of the picture to them. One of my friend shared his photo’s public URL to one of the stranger who misused it and became more problematic last week.

I advise you to share the public URL of the picture you want to share publicly.

But also Learn how to see your public URL of the uploaded Picture. Here’s the tutorial.

Go to the album where you have uploaded the picture and click the picture that you want to get the public URL of the picture. By default, it opens in a theater view. Just Press F5 to open it in a normal view. You can see the picture’s public URL below the page. Here’s the screenshot.

 Your public URL of the image will be available as shown in the above screenshot.

Is this feature going to be a threatening one or good feature? What’s your opinion? Share in comments.

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