A Faster Way to Message : From Facebook – Did you get?

I just noticed a new messaging feature from facebook.I was attracted by the auto pop of the chat window showing online friends like a watermark background with a overlaying message introducing A Faster Way to Message.Clicking Try it now, I was shown a new styled Chatlist.This was looking good with a neat and clear list of my online friends and those whom i chat often.The intro message to the new chat was as below…

A Faster Way to Message

Just click to start a conversation with the friends you message the most. Your chat availability settings have not changed.

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Yes.Apart from online and busy friends, this new list shows the people you chat often too though they are offline.Cool isn’t it? And this new chat bar will allow you to message any one though offline rather than only instant message to online friends.They would get your message on logging in.

The Search box below the list allows you to spot any of your friend and message in clicks.This new chat bar is, in precise, a messaging solution in addition to real time text chat with online friends.Below are shots of this chat ,pardon, messaging feature…

The First Shot shows the message proposing to try the new messaging feature.The Second shows the chatlist after enablibg the new feature.You may see that Along with Online (green dot) and Busy (grey crescent) friends, Offline (icon-less) ‘often chatted-with’ Friends are too listed,to whom you can send a message.The Third Shows the searching of all friends from the new chat bar.

It seems that only a few users have been exposed to this feature.I got it now.But i found that a few have got it a couple of days ago.I found that Aneesh Nair of Techgearz has shared about his encounter with this feature.But the shot uploaded by him looks different from mine.The new chat bar look to be like a fixed sidebar,where as mine is just a different style than it was before.Look his shots below…Click to enlarge…

May be as i got it later that of mine would be the updated form by facebook.May e facebook is still experimenting it.What do you think?

Did you get the new messaging feature? How is it looking for you? Or what do you think of this new design and concept of messaging any friend ?? Share your Thoughts in comments…

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