Autobudder – Facebook Application – Never forget your Friend’s Birthday again.

Forgetting to wish your friend on his/her birthday though facebook reminds of it?or wanna be the first to wish them…You are the one who needs Autobudder ,a facebook application that wishes automatically on your friend’s wall with the default message you set at the time you specify…Amazing isn’t it?

First log in to your facebook account.

  • Goto http://facebook.com/autobudder
  • Click ‘go to app’ button.
  • Click ‘Allow’ to grant access to the application.
  • Now in the application, click ‘Set common message!!’
  • Enter a message… with ‘#fname’ wherever you want the first name and ‘#lname’ wherever last name is required.
    Eg. ‘Happy bday #fname!!..’
  • The application displays how the message will appear for every on of your friend…
  • You can also choose to ignore wishing some of your friends by clicking the ignore against your friend’s name.

Though it sounds good,my personal feeling about this is that,automatic wishing sounds mechanical and like a duty to perform and does not have a personal touch… 😉

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am i not able to see my bday wish on friends wall??

Kartik Mandaville
Kartik Mandaville


Thanks for sharing. I am the developer of AutoBudder.

Yup, there's no need to be online at the moment :)


Great App!
Will this be done even when we are offline?