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Circle hack – Get the Google+ Circles experience on Facebook

Got an invitation for google+ ? Or waiting for Google+ to make registrations public? Anyway if you love the circles concept of Google+ and wish the same on facebook you have got it.

Facebook lets you to create lists of friends,which is similar to circles.But the experience is different.In facebook you create a list,name it and select friens you want ti add.But in Google+ You create circles (lists) and all your friends are shown,whom you drag and drop in the circles you wish to have them.

Those who have already tried google+ might have had their hands on Circles.But those who still haven’t registered on Google+ ,would love to try this facebook app ,Circle Hack ,which gives the Google + circles experience of managing the facebook lists.Cool isn’t it… It is free too.Why dont you give it a try?

Just head to www.circlehack.com.Be informed that Circle hack is not owned by or belongs to facebook.It is a Third-party application functioning on facebook.

What do you think of this app… Share your thoughts in comments…

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