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Facebook Auto-Poke : Win those poke wars easily !!!

There is another currently working script which you can find here.This Script no longer works.Find the new script here.

If you are a facebook user you will sure be aware of Pokes.The actual purpose of pokes is to remind your friend that you exist,when he fails to keep in touch with you.But now the poke wars have become a game among friends.Just poke a friend and he pokes you back and the steps continue that you get fed up but don’t want to ignore that too!

If you have the same experience, you sure need the Auto-poke script for facebook.If your question is “What is it?”,To explain short,it is a Greasemonkey script that automatically pokes back your friend.You need not involve in the process of poking,it does the necessary for you.

I just caught your mind voice saying “Amazing!How to get?”.Here is how,

  • First you must be using Firefox,Chrome or Safari to do the trick!
  • You need Greasemonkey add-on for your browser.(ignore if you already have it.)
    • If you use firefox click here to download Greasemonkey!
    • if you use Google Chrome,click here to download Greasemetal!
    • Using Safari,then click here to download Greasekit!
  • Now you have the necessary to install Auto-poke.
  • So,Go here and in the script page,Click on the Install button on the right side.
  • You will get a dialog box asking you to confirm the installation.Click  Install.
  • Thats all you have done your job for lifetime auto-poking.

After you complete the steps above,every time you load a facebook page,if there are any pokes it will automatically be Poked back.See the screenshots below…

Before Auto poke is executed…

Auto poke in action…

Remember that this script is installed on your browser only.This is not a facebook application.If you access facebook from any other computer or a different browser auto poke wont work.You can forget the poking job in future.Make your friends get fed up and quit the game.

What do you think about this script?Share your views in comments…

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