Facebook enables Link preview on comments!

Link Preview,you could have understood by the name,yes.It gives you a preview of the link added in a comment with a short textual description from the link with a thumbnail.Just like the one you get when you post a link on a Wall.This will allow the user to know what the link added on a comment is about.If you think whats new, for your information, before this links on comments were just displayed as links.

Shot of a Link preview…

When there are multiple comments,The preview will be hidden and will be shown on expanding…

If a YouTube video URL is added in a comment, It could be watched directly in the comment area!

And one more information regarding this link preview.This will work only on those comments within facebook.com and will not work on Facebook comments plugin on third-party websites.

Really a cool feature.Facebook is firing in new features to compete with the fast growing Google+.My opinion is Facebook will always remain a leader on the Social media world.

Go and try out the Link preview!

What do you think? Share your thoughts and views in comments…!

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Olawale Daniel
Olawale Daniel

Thanks a lot @Tharun for this awesome information :)


haven't checked that out yet... thanks for the info!