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Facebook Group chat : How to use it?

Recently facebook introduced Group Chat feature which proposed to allow a group of friends to have a conversation.I got many messages and mails from friends and readers asking how to use it.Actually the Group chat was not enabled so quick like the Video calling feature.It was made live a bit later and almost every account have it enabled now.

Now to the question.How to start or use the facebook Group Chat? It is as simple as you chat wit your friend normally.But first you have to open chat by choosing one frien who would be the part of group you wish to chat and then add other friends.Let us see this in detail.

  • Open your Chat list and select an online friend to chat with.Chat box pops.
  • In the chatbox Click on the Actions menu [  ] on top.
  • Select Add Friends to chat…
  • A text box appears within the chat box.
  • Type the names of your friends to have a group chat and click done.
  • Enter a message and all the members of the group chat will get the message and vice versa.

The Group chat feature is really useful when a group of friends wish to discuss something.This eases the sharing of thoughts between friends.Discussing about a project? a business plan? a personal conversation? anything it might be.When it comes to conversation between more than two friends,Group chat is great!

Also try Facebook’s Video calling feature.

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I really don't knew that how to do group chat in facebook. Thanks for sharing this information. Today I am going to try this out. :)

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Frankly speaking I don't really like the look of the new facebook chat. Anyway, this feature is great for group chatting.