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Facebook Home for Android unveiled : Puts social networking first instead of apps


The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, today at the press meet at Menlo Park campus of the company, revealed the most hyped Facebook Home, which the rumors regarded as the Facebook Phone.If you were lucky you would have seen the live coverage of the event was featured in our blog.

Mark Zuckerberg in his address said that today’s smartphones are built around apps and the new Facebook  Home will put people first over apps.The Home will turn your Android phone into a social phone to deliver you a better social networking experience.


The Facebook Home was unveiled on a HTCs new phone called HTC First, which comes pre-loaded with the Home.The phone is also the launch partner for the new feature from Facebook for Android.The HTC First will be available starting from April 12th from AT&T at a price of $99.99 in a contract for two years.

The Facebook Home is also available for other Android devices and it will be available for download from the Play store Starting from 12th of this month.According to the CEO, the Home app from Play Store at launch is optimised for HTC’s One , One X and Samsung’s Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 4 and Note II.Support for more devices will be rolled out soon.

What is it special on Facebook Home?

As the name of the product indicates, it aims at delivering you all your social feeds right on the homescreen which the company calls as Cover feed. On the cover feed one can read updates, view uploaded photos and all such social activities of friends.You can also get notified right on your home screen.To keep it neat for the updates you would be seeing your friend’s cover photo as back ground. You would be able to Like it with a double tap or just write down a comment inline as=nd everything is as simple as that.



Another noticeable feature in the Home is the Chatheads. In situations that you are using an app and a message pops from your friend on the notificatios and you are forced to ignore it as you want to use the app, or you want to use an app as you are chatting with your friend side by side, Chatheads feture from Home comes handy.Where ever you are on your phone ,literally, when a message pops from your friend on the right edge of your screen you could see a bubble with your friend’s profile picture and a unread message count , clicking which you could reply inline over the app activity that you are using without destroying that activity or closing the app.When you are done  just swipe to close inline replies to continue using the app.And the best part is Chatheads also work with SMS as the Home app is integrated with Android.





What is your view on Facebook Home? Are you waiting for it to hit the Play store? Are you planning to buy HTC First? Share your thoughts in comments.

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I have heard alot about Facebook Home but still could not found enough information but got it all on your blog now.