Facebook Page timeline not getting updated : Is it an Aprilfool prank or a Bug?


Facebook pages are today growing more than the user profiles.A single person administrates more than a page on Facebook.It is a medium where contents usually go Viral.

Today while updating the the blog’s Facebook page, I found that the timeline did not update with the content posted.I thought it would be due to some network error.Posts show up on the news stream though.But the timeline still remains without getting updated.

I later recognized it wasn’t just me who encountered the problem.Almost all page administrators have encountered the same problem and the Facebook seems to have a bug.Being this 1st of April, our mind refuses to take anything serious. Maybe this is just to prank the page owners on Facebook. It may also be a real bug, whatever.

The Facebook help center already has questions regarding this issue.If it is to prank users, why does Facebook want to target pages, instead targeting all users would fool all common users rather than just page owners.To know if it is a Prank or a Bug, let us wait till Facebook discloses something about the issue.

Update: The issue is solved now and it seems to be a Bug. 😛

What do you think?? Did you face the same problem? Let us know through the comments…

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