Facebook stickers now on comments

sticker comments

Facebook has now rolled out Facebook stickers for comments. Facebook had earlier enabled picture comments which gained popularity and now along with it you could use the same stickers used in chat on your comments. This would come in handy if you are too lazy to type or if yu feel that words are too mainstream.

Stickers are a great way to comment for a few. Line messenger has always been boasting of its stickers and offered free sticker packs to attract users. May be this is a tidy way to have images on comments rather to have junk images from random source. This may also be a strategy to make some money.

Currently all sticker packs on Facebook are labelled as free. Bringing the use of stickers site wide, there is a possibility that Facebook will bring in some premium sticker packs which would require the user to pay for using. This is just a prediction from the Facebook’s move of making stickers site-wide available and the stickers for long being marked as free.

Whatever be the case, this would be a good news for you if you love to sticker comment, not so good if you prefer picture comments to stickers and not good at all if you feel there is nothing hat could match a typed comment. Which category do you fall in?

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