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Facebook uses Microsoft’s PhotoDNA to scan for Child abuse

Facebook having grown into a huge social network,has shown its concern towards child abuse by implementing Microsoft’s photo scanning technology PhotoDNA.”PhotoDNA,is a technology that aids in finding and removing some of the “worst of the worst” images of child sexual exploitations from the Internet.” as said on the official website.

The PhotoDNA technology scans for signatures or hash values of images,to detect and identify matches even if the photos were resized or altered.It also proved to achieve up to 99.7 percent success.Microsoft donated the PhotoDNA technology to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), who established a PhotoDNA-based program for online service providers to help disrupt the spread of child pornography online.

On implementation of PhotoDNA in Bing and Skydrive,PhotoDNA has detected more than 1,000 matches on SkyDrive and 1,500 matches through Bing’s image search indexing based on the signatures provided by NCMEC.

Facebook’s implementation of PhotoDNA is really an appreciable step,as it also serves as one of the large photo sharing site which gets thousands and thousands of photos uploaded by its users a day!

The announcement by Facebook regarding its implementation of PhotoDNA can be seen through the official live stream made by Facebook last friday…

Watch live streaming video from facebookdclive at livestream.com

The working of PhotoDNA is shown in the image below by Microsoft…

What do you tink of facebook implementing this service?Do you think it would be effective? Sahre your thoughts via comments…

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Nyc Post...Hope that this will reduce child abuse massively ......ONe thing m not getting that Why orkut is not doing anything to restrict their content that is not suitable for childrens ??