Facebook’s New Status update box options and look

May be in the last couple of days you might have got this update.If not yet then wait and you will have it soon.Facebook has recently given a new look to the status update box and has equipped it with more options.

This is a change from Facebook for ‘Making Controls simple’ as said by Zuckerberg on the facebook blogpost.

The new features you will come to see at the first sight are:

Add friends: Tag the friends with your status.Like whom you are with when posting the status.This also adds an option to share the post with your friend’s friends too.

Add Location: add a location where you are while updating the status or a location related to the status message.

Privacy: Control who sees your post.The so called ‘Everyone’ option is now ‘Public‘ rest are similar.

Also Some profile Controls have been added to make many tasks simpler.

Have a glimpse on the new status box tour!

So…Do you like these new controls? Share your thoughts and views in comments!

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