Facebook’s Subscribe Button for Websites!

Facebook’s Subscribe feature was recently rolled out by which one could follow a person’s public updates though hes is not a friend of the person on Facebook.This was really a good feature.But what if you are reading an article on a blog and want to follow the author.Would you search for the author’s profile on FB and hit the Subscribe button? Sure you wouldn’t.But with Subscribe Button on websites, one could do it in a click.

The subscribe button for websites allows users to follow a person with a button on a webpage related.The website or blog owners can now get the code for facebook subscribe button from the developers site of Facebook and can implement the same on their webpage for the ease of users to subscribe as well as to increase their own subscribers count in order to gain more exposure.

The Facebook subscribe button has already got its place in major news websites and popular blogs which involve multiple authors.You can get a Subscribe button for yourself from this developers plugin page.

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