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How facebook affects you and your relationships? – Infographic

Facebook! the leader of social networking. When the word friends is heard there are two things that come to our mind, One is our best friend and the next is Facebook.It keeps most friend circles around the world in touch and has also helped many to find their old friends. When saying friends, facebook does not just end with making friends.It also acts as a medium where relationships develop or blossom.In some cases it proves good and not on others.This infographic below gives many facts and info on how facebook affects you and your relationship.It is really worth a glance!

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Having facebook really changes a person whole being. This may be a positive change which encourages you to interact especially with friends and relatives that you haven't seen before or it may bring a bad happening when there are concerns that isntead of being able to solve it ends up a problem. Yet it all depends to the FB user on how it is being handled.