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[How To] Get Facebook’s new timeline before everyone does

If you are updated of latest social media news, you would have heard about Facebook’s about to come feature called TimeLine.

As the name says, Timeline is one which gives all your activities in a structured manner on a time line from the day you joined Facebook to the current day.This is going to replace the boring old Facebook Profiles and is soon to be rolled out.

But many don’t have the patience to try it.You can enable the new timeline in few clicks.Just read further to know how.

Some call this a hack those who don’t know what it exactly is.But it isn’t a hack exactly.Facebook wants its Developers to have a preview on the new timeline before it is made Public.Now the idea is why don’t you become a developer just for the sake of getting hands on the new time line? That’s what you are going to do now.

How to get the new Facebook Timeline?

Just follow these steps…

  • Go to this link to sign up for the Timeline to get enabled soon as it is made public.
  • To get it immediately go to this link.
  • In the permissions dialog, Click Allow.
  • Then click the Create new App button on the right top.
  • Type something on the App name and namespace box.(Just for the sake of having one)
  • Check the box to confirm accepting the terms and click continue.
  • Once you reach the dashboard of your App, click Open Graph on the left list of menu items.
  • Type something on the objective of your app and click Get started.
  • Click the Save changes in the bottom of the page.
  • Go to Your profile page to see a box inviting you to try the Timeline.
  • Click Get it now and what else? see it in action.
You can choose to deploy it on you profile at once or to wait until it is made available to all by default.The choice is yours.What else then? Tell your friends by sharing this post!
Please note: During the developer release, only other developers will be able to see your new timeline. Everyone else will see your old profile.
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I did these steps. Now I can see TimeLine of my profile. But I want to roll back to old one. How can I switch back to old Interface ?