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Insert pictures, images or emoticons in your facebook status!

Facebook status are now the most used way of simple communication.Just posting it on your wall, your friends would be able to see.Most of the short conversations among friends are now done through Status posts.

Why not decorate these Status messages to make it more attractive to get it sighted by your friends on the stream? Inserting small images,icons, gifs and emoticons would be great! But how to do that?

There has also been some Pages created on facebook publishing such image rich statuses and proposing not to ask them how to do such and to do it wanted the users to just share their post.

But you too can create such Status message.Customise your own status with your message and images of your choice… Sounds cool isn’t it?

You can do it with our facebook App called Emotus.This application allows you to make status messages with emoticons.

Also it is not mandatory that users seeing the status to use the same app.It is visible by default to any facebook user!

You can access the Application From Here…

Start posting attractive Status messages! Get more likes and comments! 

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