Is a post on Facebook authentic? : Facebook tries to help with a crowdsourced info


Facebook news stream is always flooded with posts, especially when you follow many groups or pages or people. But how many of the posts which claim to deliver some information is actually authentic is a big question. Being on social media and browsing the web most of the time, people like me would be able to quickly differentiate between a fake content and a authentic one. But the truth is many don’t differentiate between them. The fact is many are even tricked easily by web advertisements when it says click a button “play or download”.

But on Facebook it is not a similar scenario but the content of the post is not proven to be authentic. What one claims to be may not actually be the case and this social media is from where false informations go viral. May be an initiative to stop such things, facebook is bringing in a feature to crowd-source the authenticity of a post from users to help another fellow user.

Some Facebook users have reported to be seeing a new feature that asks them “How authentic does this post feel?” and allows them to rate in a scale of five from a response denoting “Not at all” to “Extremely“. An unofficial blog on Facebook, AllFacebook has reported this based on user incidents on this Facebook feature which might be under test. See the bottom part of the image featured above.

Do you think this would reduce spam and false news from spreading? Have you seen this prompt from Facebook? Share in comments..

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