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Live Coverage : Facebook unveiling its ‘Home on Android’ today

facebook-logoPutting an end to the rumors of Facebook Phone, It is today that the company is going to unveil to the world something that it calls Facebook’s ‘Home on Android‘ .Facebook few days ago had invited media people for its event where it has proposed to show them its new home  on Android.

It is said that it will be a custom modified Android ROM by Facebook which would run on HTC Myst and recently there had been leaks through APK rips to which access was limited only to Facebook employees.It is expected that the Facebook’s version of android will be first run on an HTC phone and other Android phones will be getting a separate App that can be downloaded from Play Store.

Facebook has got attention of media on it by its announcement of something promising to be cool. Facebook is largely used on smartphones as people could share what they want to share with their friends from where ever they are.Being this the case Facebook’s move towards some better promising features for smartphones is a great idea to keep its position from the competitors.

Let the rumors be apart. Let us hear from Facebook what it has really got for us. The event is scheduled at 10 AM PST (Pacific time).The count down below should tell you what time it is for you. You can have the live coverage of the event here. Just Share this page to keep your friends notified.


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