Send short Pictorial text on Facebook messages/chat Now!

Mark Zuckerberg and everyone at Facebook is now vigorously developing Facebook after the evolution of Google+. May be, he wants the users to stay with Facebook. This is no wonder. Anyone in such state might think similar. Facebook introduced many features last year like Timeline, Ticker, Lists, Inline Privacy setting feature etc.

Recently, I saw a new feature activated on Facebook. You can now insert short thumbnails of your Page or Friend or even yours. It’s simple! Write your user name between two square brackets and hit enter on your chat box. You will be typing in this manner: [[user_id]] You can insert profile id or username or page’s username(permalink).

If your username is ‘rrarjun‘, you can create the thumbnail by typing like this in your chat box/message: [[rrarjun]]

If you don’t have a separate username, you can also use your profile id. For Example, my profile id is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1678391008. I can send my friend as [[1678391008]]. You too try with your link.

You can follow the same method for inserting thumbnail of the page too. If a page doesn’t have a permalink, you can use their page’s id. For Example, Let me take an example of  the page of this blog. Link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/TechnoStreak/212550988758825. For such type of link, you can use like this: [[212550988758825]]

The wonder here is that, you can insert the thumbnail of the pages you haven’t liked too! You can also insert a person’s thumbnail whom you are not as a friend! Interesting, Right? 🙂
See the screenshot of the feature: Your friends might wonder at it !

For the Happy new year 2012 text thumbnails, you can copy the following code and paste it into your friend’s chat box or message him/her:

[[124641767652266]] [[124642810985495]] [[124643044318805]] [[124643044318805]] [[124643487652094]] [[124644090985367]] [[124644404318669]] [[124644567651986]] [[124643487652094]] [[124644404318669]] [[124642810985495]] [[124645367651906]] [[124645977651845]] [[124646247651818]] [[124646574318452]] [[124645977651845]]

 Enjoy this feature… Share your comments here 🙂

You can also use our Generators for generating thumbnail text to use colored text on your chat/message!

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