Show off your identity with Facebook Timeline Styled Business cards

Facebook is now an online identity to many individuals and businesses.We are now widely able to see brands mentioning their Facebook page on their commercials. Also People Share their Facebook profile ID with new people they meet and move with.These are signs that stand behind or showing the offline success of Facebook.

Many of us would be bored with all those old styled business cards.Also when we come across a stylish or peculiar business cards, they do not fail to draw our attention.If you want your card to do the same, UK’s Moo.com has a new design for you.Moo has made an attempt to integrate the Facebook timeline feature in your daily offline life.Those business cards with a timeline inspired design is sure to attract anyone be they your friends or customers or clients.

Moo.com ‘s CEO and founder Richard Moross.“It’s clear that consumer habits of sharing business and personal information are evolving, and the lines between online social networking and offline business networking are not just blurring, but vanishing”

Not just Timeline like look.You can choose your own custom Quotation relating to you or your business at the back of your card, which is a good thing too.So,Want such Cool Cards? Head to moo.com/facebook-cards just connect with your Facebook account and follow the steps.

Pricing of the cards start from a minimum of GBP 10 which is $16 approx for 50 cards and further the multiples for number of copies.Moo.com delivers your product at your doorstep with no extra cost!

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