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SocialDitto – Embed Twitter and Facebook conversations with a professional touch!

Most bloggers today on getting known about some news from social websites, refer to the post on the social networks either by a link to the post or with a screen shot.But wouldn’t it be much better to have it in a Rich text?

SocialDitto is such a tool for you.Not just professional bloggers you can embed the posts by any person on twitter and facebook or a facebook page by getting just the URL to the post.Post URL can be easily obtained by copying the link of the Time Stamp of the post on Twitter or Facebook.

Just giving the link to the post, SocialDitto gives you a code which could be used  embed the post on your Blog or website.In three simple steps you will be done embedding the Social network post on your Website or blog.

Here are samples from Twitter and Facebook…

How to find the Most Popular Posts on Google+? http://tekns.tk/onfUqR 43 days ago via dlvr.it · powered by @socialditto


TechnoStreakNow Technostreak.com could recognize your speech and accept it as input! try it on any text input by clicking the microphone icon.Works only on Google Chrome 11 and higher…

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Very useful software for the website development. Thanks for this a lot.....