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Start making Video calls on Facebook now!

The facebook skype collaboration to provide video calling feature on facebook was much expected and is out now! Facebook just unveiled its video chat and Group chat features.The look and feel of the chat bar,chat list and chat box are changed.

Using video chat you would be able to have a real time video conversation with your friend.Facebook says that Video calling will be available to everyone over the next few weeks, but if you don’t want to wait, you can Get started by visiting the Video calling on Facebook.

Clicking on the Get Started button will ask you to select a friend from your chat list to have a video chat with.

Facebook Video Chat


On Selecting a friend of your choice you will be directed to make a Video call asking you to click the Video chat button…

Clicking the Video chat button, you will be asked to install a small application plugin that would allow you to make video call.

Click Set up and you would be directed on how to proceed with the file you are about to download.The download starts automatically.Just click Run.

Once you complete this set up, you would be able to make video calls to your friends on facebook just by clicking the Video call button.Go on and make your first call.

The file that you are asked to download and run is an executable file (exe) that runs on Windows platforms.On Mac You are to install just a browser add-on.This makes it impossible to have a Video chat on linux.Lets hope Facebook gives it a solution soon.

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Thanks again for this helpful post. I also read your post regarding "facebook-group-chat-how-to-use-it". :)

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Green Pro

Facebook video calling is such a great feature. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg for this amazing feature. And thank you for sharing this informative post here.