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Surely no Facebook phone, But There is something coming for Android phones!


For more than a year there had been rumors that Facebook is building its own smartphone, focusing on Facebook as the main App on phone. As usual spams started to spread asking to share the post to get a smartphone from Facebook. The CEO and founder of Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg has insisted that the company is not building a new phone.

Facebook has recently invited media to a event on April 4, proposing to unveil Facebook’s Home on Android.It is expected that Facebook will unveil a customized Android version of Facebook which offers social networking as the key feature.It would be a home-screen full of  facebook widgets that allows you to get the stream content directly on screen.It is rumored that Facebook will first offer it on a HTC phone and talks are on progress with other companies too.

Recently Facebook had been encouraging its employees to use Android and many have been testing what is to be unveiled on April 4, says a report on WSJ.

Mashable , quoted the CEO Mark saying, “Let’s say we build a phone. We’re not, but if we did, we could maybe get 10 to 20 million people to use it … It doesn’t move the needle for us.The strategy we have is different from every other tech company [like Apple] that’s building their own hardware system — we’re going in the opposite direction..”. This gives us a clue that the company is up to something that probably could be something with Android.


Now that Facebook officially said it has a new “Home on Android” , it is expected to be a Facebook’s customized Version of Android.For now let us stop listening to rumors and wait for the company to announce what it has got, to enjoy the surprise.

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