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Surprise yor friends with custom tag text on Facebook Comments/Status

Tagging your friends name in status messages and comments on Facebook is a common thing.By tagging your friend like @friend_name or something, his profile name is made the anchor text or in other words link text and the address to his profile is used as link.Why don’t you make a small change in the tagging?What if you actually tag your friend but the link text is different?

How to use a custom tag name on Facebook

You can do it with a small trick.You can mention your friend but with some funny names or tag yourself with some great names and what ever that helps you have fun.To add custom tags on comments, you need to follow a simple syntax as given below.

@@[0:[Facebook ID:0:Tag Name]]

In the above mentioned syntax, you must replace the texts Facebook ID and Tag Name.Facebook ID is a unique number assigned as an ID for every profile on Facebook.The Tag Name is your custom link text.

Example, @@[0:[1235924005:0:Mark Zuckerberg]]

How to Get the Facebook Profile ID

The simplest way…You can make use of the Open Graph API on Facebook to get the profile information of any profile on Facebook in JSON format.

Just type in your address bar like this,


Your username is nothing but the text that follows facebook.com/username when you visit any profile.

Example, https://graph.facebook.com/cvtharun

In the information that you get on screen, the first one mentioned as id is the FB ID.

Now having your friend’s Facebook ID and a funny name on your evil mind you can tag your friend as anything on Facebook… Enjoy!

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