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Google Plus Facial Recognition : Find My Face

Had a great trip with friends? or a party or some get together? Sure you would have clicked a lot of moments.What next? Upload it to your social network to show off.But wait , there is another tedious task to do.Tagging your friends.But in all those photos? phew! Google has heard your long breath.

Google has made a new solution to make photo tagging easier on Google+.Find My Face is a new way that would make tagging your face easier to your friends.This can recognise your face in your friend’s photos and would prompt him to tag you.This feature is yet to be rolled out.It may hit you in a few days.You have the power to choose whether to be suggested to tag or not.But enabling the feature, your friends would feel easy to tag you.

Heard about a similar thing elsewhere? You would have come across Facebook’s Facial Recognition.Facebook enabled this to all users by default.But Google plus gives users the right to choose to opt in or not to.

The same technology is used to blur faces in Street view and for Facial unlock feature in Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich.

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