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Google+ Profile widget for your WordPress Website

Most of the website and blog owners would have got a Google+ account by now.But how to inform this to the visitors and readers in a tidy way rather than messing up with links and images? There are easy ways.Yes you got it.What else? Plugins.Let us see a few Plugins to insert a Google+ Profile widget on your site.

Scriptrr Google + Profile widget

This Plugin is from SVNLabs.This plugin creates a predefined widget to be available on your site’s widgets page.All it requires from you is your google+ profile ID.It generates a widget which would look like the one on the right side here.It shows your Google+ profile name with your Profile picture proposing your visitors to add you to their circles.Also the widget takes a small credit link back to its tool page allowing others to get a similar widget.This widget is also available for other platforms.They could get a javascript or iframe code to display similar widget on a non-wordpress site.










Google cards is another WordPress plugin to insert a profile widget on your wordpress site.This one is even simpler than the previous plugin.I also shows the count of those who already have you in their circles. This is much cleaner and tidy. It automatically adjusts to the width of your widget area.The profile widget looks something like the one on the right.This widget optionally asks your permission to have a credit link to the plugin.You free to opt not to.The setting too are much simpler asking ony your Google plus Profile ID.



Get the GoogleCards Plugin…





Google+ Profile Button from Google Webmaster tools

If you prefer not to have such space eating widgets you can also go for the simple Google Plus profile button which you can get from the Google Webmaster Tools. It is just a icon like on the right ,that links to your Google profile with the ‘author’ or ‘me’ rel tag.You can choose from different sized buttons available. Get it from here…

Which Widget are you going to choose for your Blog or website? Choose the one that suites your site’s look.Hit the Social Share buttons below.Also leave a comment…

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This was some great information. Adding the buttons to my blog/website will be the first thing that I do once I get a Google+ account.