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How Technology Trends in Shaping the Hospitality Industry

There is a strong link between the hospitality industry and the emergence of new trends in technology. The connection between them has made a significant impact on the economy of those countries that promote hospitality through technological advancements. Moreover, leading businesses have also availed a lot from technology.

 When technology is aligned with the hospitality sector, popular hoteliers have taken maximum advantage of it. They have been successful in meeting the growing needs of their customers in various ways. Among many, one consumer need is to have an access to high speed internet during their leisure time. Regarding this, technology has solved the issue and hoteliers are happy in providing the internet to their customers.

 Similarly, people enjoy listening music while mobile. They can easily download music as well as films if their hotel offers them WiFi connection on their smartphones. Some hotels provide a more comprehensive access to their guests if they want to pay some more for the service.

 Apart from customers who come to hotels for leisure, there is another segment that hoteliers cater to, i.e. business customers. Due to the fact that the Internet drives all businesses to succeed and outperform their competitors, businesspeople definitely need instant access to the Internet when they travel for business purposes.

 If they are staying in a hotel, it is essential for the hotel management that it provides them with the latest technology. Regarding this, they will come back and have another stay next time if they are satisfied with the Internet accessibility provided to them by the hotel. Otherwise, they will definitely switch if they get slow internet connection.

 This indicates that hoteliers need to offer them more as compared to other hotels offering them the same technological services. For instance, they have to focus on video-conferencing, telephones, as well as mobile devices.

Besides the growing needs of different segments of consumers, hoteliers often come across various emerging trends in technology. At the same time, they have to embrace the same trends. That is how they will be able to stay in the hospitality industry for longer. Some of these trends are mentioned below:

Increased use of Internet to plan travelling

The need for going to travel and tourism agencies for seeking help is diminishing with time. The main reason behind this trend is that people are more technology savvy now. Similarly, they prefer to get all the information related to travel and tourism in a few clicks. That is obviously an easier way to search and plan for your journey.

Travel Planning includes planning holidays, searching for the best hotels, overseas trips, as well as booking hotel rooms. Booking hotels is one of the best advantages that travelers enjoy. This is because internet lets them find out the rates of different hotels. Additionally, they can compare hotel rates with that of others. After analyzing your hotel needs, you can book the most appropriate hotel for yourself instantly.

Mobile Apps, Social media and Smart phones are becoming common

Although smartphones entered the market recently, their growing popularity and usage have changed market trends. Now everyone has smartphones, tablets, or iPads with them even while traveling. This leads to the fact that hoteliers and other hospitality businesses definitely need to offer their guests with personalized and quick services.

One of the quick services can be the development of mobile apps that enable travelers and tourists to view the services offered by various hotels, place orders, have access to social networking websites, and many more.

Green technology leads to energy management

Hospitality businesses relied heavily on internet-based systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to manage their businesses well. However, they need to do more than that for delighting their customers. As people are showing more concerns about keeping their environment safe, hoteliers are considering the matter. Moreover, they look forward to have eco-friendly systems in their hotels by implementing technology known as Green Technology.

 Although they have experienced a rise in energy costs, hoteliers still prefer to install energy-efficient equipment in all places of their hotels. This is because they are well aware that green technology can provide them long-term benefits. Additionally, it is also a way to beat the competition. Many hotels are implementing this technology by adding room lighting that is energy-efficient, organic food, eco-friendly waste management systems, etc.

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