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How to: Insert Animated Picture in your Facebook status [Working]

Readers who have kept in touch with us already might have known about earlier methods to insert animated pictures/emoticons on Facebook status. You may also see that:

  1. Inserting Emoji status in your Facebook status 
  2. Inserting music in your Facebook Status

In the above, first one is now not working as Facebook has patched Animated Emoticons.

In this tutorial, you can learn how to insert an animated pictures in your Facebook status. You can use this trick for posting in you Fan Page and Friend’s wall/timeline.

This trick works when you post your animated picture via an application (say mobile).

Here, I use mobile app for posting an animated picture. If you want to share the picture with your own App, you need to follow some procedures that might allow you to post such stuffs. To make this tutorial much simple, I’ve used the default ‘mobile’ app for posting animated pictures on Facebook Page/wall/timeline.

Tutorial is simple. you have to just make use of a code as we did in inserting music in your facebook status. You want to insert this? 😀
Ah! Just wait for the tutorial. 😛

Remember that, the animated pictures from your PC or Mac cannot be posted on Facebook just like a ball thrown against a bat.

Code is here…


How to use this code?

  • Just copy the above code to your notepad application or any of your favourite text editor.
  • YOUR USER ID and ID OF THE PERSON YOU WANT TO POST should be determined. You can find it from the profile URL  of the person.
    Example: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1678391008 – Here 1678391008 is the profile ID. Please see that you cannot use the person’s username as ID.If you or your friend uses username for his wall/timeline, then go to his wall/timeline.
    Right click on “See Friendship” link.
    Click on “Copy link location“.
    Paste it in your address bar.
    Don’t press Enter or Go button.
    Just wait. Let us analyse the link.
    The link will be similar to this: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=123456789&and=987654321
    Here, in the above, first ID shown in the link is yours and the second one is your friend’s. That is, 1678391008 is yours and 987654321 is your friend’s.
    We hope that you might have learnt how to grab your’s and your friend’s profile ID.You can use that in the place of YOUR USER ID and ID OF THE PERSON OR PAGE YOU WANT TO POST.
  • I can get the ID, and insert into that, okay! But How can I upload my animated picture? This may be your question. I am sorry to say that you can’t upload any picture which animates from your PC or Mac for your Facebook status. Facebook won’t allow any GIF or PNG image to animate in your post though you experience animation in that file. I have uploaded some links of the Animated pictures which will work on your Status well. You may access them from here: http://pastebin.com/nqSv29zZ. Paste anyone of the links in the place of ANIMATED PICTURE LINK HERE. You may wonder when you find links containing animations though they are in JPG and MP3 formats! 🙂
  • In the place of IMAGE DESCRIPTION HERE, you can add some cation about that animated image you are going to post as your status.
  • After filling your custom details into the code, you may paste the code in your web browser’s address bar and hit Enter.

Just view an example post of mine: Link (Public link from a page)

You may use this fully ready example code to make use of this trick:

&action_links=[{"text":"Visit our Website",
'description':'I am rocking here! What about you?',

When you get a screen similar to this, you are successful in using the above code.
 The picture inserted in the post (in the above picture) animates when you post. Here, I can’t make to animate as it is a static JPG image.

Got an idea now? 🙂

Start posting Animated pictures on as your Facebook status.

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