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New verification badges for Google+ Profile

Google has now rolled out verification badges for Google+ profiles. Google started to identify all Celebrities, Public figures and people who are in more circles. The verified accounts have a verification badge near their name of their Google+ Profile. Below is an example of a verified Google+ Profile below.

Google is still trying to roll out many badges to inspire every Google+ user. Many people wants to use social networking sites to acquire as many badges, they can. Google might have known this psychology and trying to make people to get addicted to Google+.

How to get Google+ Verification Badge for your profile ?

Google has recently rolled out badges only for Celebrities, Public Figures and the people in more circles. So I suggest you to be in more circles. Whatever, the circle may be. Ask your Friends, Relatives, Classmates and Acquaintances to Add you in their circle. Get Maximum Result. The Google+ Verification Badge will be on your profile too.

Google Employee Wen-Ai Yu provides public a speech on this. Let’s watch.

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Niall Harbison
Niall Harbison

Really do have to wonder if there is any point to this from Google. They are clearly just doing this to get attention from the press and tech journos who they are "validating". Pure PR move