Schemer : New location based social planning tool from Google

Social networking has made web common among people.Also innovations are are being shot on the same aiming ease and use of users and commercial targets.In today’s busy life most people make a schedule of what to do.In other words they have a scheme of action.Having a scheme and working in accordance to it, to achieve the same, this is what the main concept of Schemer!

Google has launched a new social tool called Schemer.The tool allows you to tell the world what you want to do and also discover a lot of things to do in your locality.Schemer is a location based tool giving you the possible things to do.Share your scheme with friends and make them a part of your fun!

Schemer is currently in a Private Beta phase and invite only service.Thanks to Robin for his invite!You may opt to add you to the waitlist of users to invite from the Schemer homepage.Or you could get an invite by commenting here with your email ID and get instant invite! (Only limited invites available)

Follow Schemer team on Google plus for updates!


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