Social Networking and the Way It Has Changed Our Lives

These days, many people are not able to imagine their lives without social networking. Moreover, almost everyone has a website or a blog. And if some people do not really have the time to run their own virtual platforms, they definitely own an account on at least one of the most popular social media websites. Most of these individuals are always online. They are talking to friends and checking their messages even while eating or during their working breaks – how sad!

The Internet and Social Networking

For sure, the internet has changed the way we sleep, eat and even think. But, the social networking has changed the way we interact with each other. Therefore, we are about to lose some very important ancestral values that our grandparents have enshrined for us. The truth is that social networking has changed the world especially because it represents a great method of communication.

With the help of the social networking websites, the users are able to share different files, including videos, pictures and documents. These websites are actually gateways to the virtual world and without them, the user experience would be very limited.

The Utilitarian Aspect of Social Networking

As the internet technologies have evolved during the years, the users started to realize that they were able to get the best out of different interactive experiences. Obviously, some of these are related to social networking. Nowadays, the people who intend to use these types of websites can find numerous alternatives. All of them provide some perfect virtual spots that allow users to meet different individuals, upload their profiles, share various ideas and make friends.

Moreover, some of these websites allow users to recommend different things that they like, including websites, articles, products and services. A few years ago, a person could only comment with a friend an article of a newspaper. These days, we can participate whenever we read an article by leaving our comments. This thing gives us the chance to voice our opinions and start some truly interesting conversations with different people. Obviously, due to all these, we are able to communicate more than ever before.

A Few Important Drawbacks

Although the simplicity of the social networking websites determines us to communicate more than before, it actually prevents people from developing regular, normal relationships. Thus, social networking convinces people to stay and talk to strangers instead of going out with their best friends. And no matter how much we want to believe that this thing is natural and good, we all know that social networking actually highlights a step back for the entire mankind.


Besides all these, there are many traps that the social networking websites hide. There are many viruses, which are able to destroy our computers and numerous predators or scams that cannot wait to ruin our lives. However, in most cases, using the social networking platforms is safe especially if the user protects his or her profile with the help of the privacy settings. Therefore, while visiting any of the social networking websites, bear in mind that bad people are looking for innocent prey. For this reason, you should always be careful as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Author Bio: Sathishkumar Varatharajan is an Internet Marketer and Full-Time Blogger from India. Right now he works for Pixlo, a free Virtual Tour services company and Nethosting, a Dedicated Hosting company.

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Social networking has brought a major change in our lives. We often talk about the negative aspects of social network services but there a lot of advantages as well. With more people using these services, it has become easier to promote a business without the heavy expenses of conventional advertisement.


Yeah! they chnged our lives very much..the first thing am doing these days is to open fb after waking up. :D .. fearing wat more things these social networks chnge in life..