Top 5 Tips to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional website, so it is important that you set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. This does not mean you need to add quirky content on your profile or go overboard with publicizing. It means, you need to build a personal brand, something unique and worthy of professional attention. Here are the top five tips to build a personal brand on LinkedIn.

Be consistent

This is important because people trust in consistency more than quality content stream that is far and between. The LinkedIn profile, your résumé and all the personal brand elements should be consistent and should not have clashing interests. You can use your Facebook and Twitter in your profile too if you want to add a more personal touch, but all your job titles, positions, dates (employment and leaving) and achievements should be same everywhere.

Be authentic

In any field, honesty and genuine credentials is always more popular than fluffed up credentials that are often exaggerated. Creating a personal brand for your professional sphere is a challenging task. What is too personal? Is humor allowed? Is it too dry and uninteresting? Your brand needs to be a perfect balance of all. You must include all your technical skills but you must come across as friendly and approachable too. You can also ask for LinkedIn recommendation from peers.

Widen your network

Personal brands, much like Rome, are not built in a day. You should have a distinct LinkedIn profile headlines, which is like your tag line. If it is interesting enough, people will have a good first impression of you. To branch out, you can put your LinkedIn URL on your business card, your CV or on other social networking websites. Keep updating your LinkedIn status; tell your connections about what seminars you are attending, what articles you have found interesting or what project you just joined.

Build brand association

Add knowledgeable contacts to your personal network on LinkedIn profile. Friends, colleagues, classmates and acquaintances, established in their own fields, will pose a more conclusive image of you to people. You can even ask your trusted friends and colleagues to introduce you to contacts in their networks.

Share expertise

Join LinkedIn groups, volunteer your skills and showcase your brand to people who may not know you. This is very important in carrying your personal brand beyond the periphery of your contacts. If there is any particular area of expertise you want to showcase in your personal brand, join relevant groups. You can answer relevant questions and share and follow new developments in your field. This way, whenever someone visits your profile, they would be guided to think that your skills lay in some distinct professional turfs, rather than superficially bouncing around different fields.

These are the top tips for honing your online brand. In fact, whatever you do to build your online image should conclusively answer how your colleagues and peers would describe your strength, on which issues would someone go to you in an organization and what do you know more thoroughly of than most people.

Author Bio: Rajkumar is the founder of TechnoWooer and Technoford. Visit his blog to know more. You can join him on Twitter @jonnalarajkumar

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