An insight on Twitter’s New Features

The popularity of Twitter in the world of social networking websites is increasing day by day and with the new additional features has made it a favorite amongst users of all ages. In today’s tech-savvy world, an internet user may have several accounts on various social networking sites, and it is very natural for that he might not be able to remember the details of every account that he has created. Earlier all Twitter users had to undergo the irritating problem that lead to losing track of their respective Twitter accounts. This has now been solved with the effective technique of employing the constant use of the HHTPS, which offers the users with a powerful tool to be able to control their accounts. This also secures your Twitter accounts.


The continuous usage of the HTTPS assures that you are safely connected to Twitter, and obviously it reduces the chances of getting hacked. When you log on to your Twitter page, you can see a new option of clicking on the “always use HTTPS” tag and the user is not required to type out the address on the address bar, any longer. When you choose the “always use HTTPS” button, your account settings are immediately recorded by the website and will make you feel safe regarding the probable misuse of your account. This is an extremely useful feature, specially on the occasions when you are accessing Twitter through wifi at a public place or through other not-so-secure internet connections. Users are elated at the implementation of this new feature as many can try and access their Twitter accounts, from a public area like the airport, local shopping malls, etc.


Twitter has won the hearts of millions of social networking lovers from all over the world, with its fresh and innovative concept of mini-blogging, where you have to pour your heart out, 160 words at a time. In today’s technologically advanced world, people are more open to socializing over the internet, and it is hard to find any internet user without having at least one account at any one of the social networking websites like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, and of course Twitter. Among these sites, Twitter easily steals the limelight in terms of popularity, and also convenience. We can also draw the examples of famous celebrities and renowned people, who maintain their accounts on Twitter.


The new features on Twitter have been met with a positive response. Users are especially elated at the happy prospects of security up gradation. The use of hash tags or @mentions and the feature of personalization into the spotlight, has divided the layout of site into four different sections. The new addition of a customized news feed enables Twitter users to explore the new content. You can discover the singular pages, constructed just for brands. The earlier interface has been renovated to resemble the recent Timeline profile of Facebook. The introduction of four buttons specially created for the easy navigation on the site, is a great hit amongst users!

Moreover, the modernized look of the site, has allowed it to become faster than it earlier had been.

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