Twitter account ‘Need a Debit card’ exposes public photos of debit cards from users


It is very easy for cyber criminals when you provide them with all required details of your debit card, not purposefully but of ignorance. Many people do not know how confidentially their credit or debit card information have to be dealt. It reveals the height of stupidity of people when they publicly post the image of their debit card on their social networks.

A Twitter account called @NeedADebitCard reveals the stupidity of people posting images of their debit card on twitter by retweeting such posts. The profiles description reads “Please quit posting pictures of your debit cards, people.” to make aware of the consequence they will face for posting such images.

Tweets with debit card images are usually , boasting about their new debit card got from their bank, about their broken card,expressing that they love their debit card and the like.Some crazy ones even put up like “cut my debit card into pieces and put back together”. People do not understand the importance of their bank card information until they end up in issues like loosing money.

“Please quit posting pictures of your debit cards, people.” Says , @NeedADebitCard

The front image of the cards expose the 16-Digit number, Name of card holder and expiry date.With this one can do online purchase of items.The 3 digit security code (CVV/CVC) are not mandatory on many sites.

After seeing their post retweeted by this account some end up removing the picture.But many still leave it unnoticed and many new people do the same everyday.The twitter account @NeedADebitCard as of now has over 12k members and this means there are so many eager to know other’s bank card information and also if you tweet about your card with picture, it is going to be seen by so many.

Have you ever tweeted your debit card picture? Or seen some friend of you do it? Express your views in comments.

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