Twitter would cost $5 a month – If you want it free use Twttr


Twitter announces that its regular service would cost you 5 USD a month.If you still want it for free you may use its free service Twttr. Twttr is a free service that allows users to tweet their status without any vowels.This means you may not be able to use letters like A,E,I,O,U in your ‘twts’.Twitter has officially announced this in a blog post and the service would come to effect from 1st of April (You guessed it!!).

Twitter says that this way you can tweet more information.The vovels in URLs will not cost you and non-latin characters are not affected by this service, which means you could tweet without restriction in chinese,japanese and what so ever.Try to check tweeting the new Twttr style in the box at link below.
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