SQL Stream? What is it?

Are you aware of the fact that mozilla tracked the download count of its Firefox 4 release in real time?You can have a look at it at http://glow.mozilla.org .It uses a latest innovation in the field of databases using SQL , SQL stream.You may be knowing the term streaming if you are a regular user of web.It is the transfer of data over the web from the server to end user in a sequential manner.A best example is videos.When you watch videos,it is loaded by the process of streaming.

Now coming to SQL streaming,You might have guessed,streaming the database contents so to give a real time updation of the field values.That is what was done by mozilla.Every download click will increase the count by one and so  the value increases and is displayed on the embedded page,without a need of refreshing to see the current updated value using SQL stream.

Streaming is now an emerging application architecture that enables the rapid analysis of high volume, real-time data.It sure will emerge as a good technology soon.

What do you think about it? Share your views…Clear your doubts….

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