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Top 13 tips to get more traffic on your blog

The blogs are great ways to communicate with your readers and this is done only when you have a good article to post at the blog and you have informative write up for your page. There are different ways to earn business through the blog and that is done when you have more visitors on your blog page. Let us find out what are the few things that are needed to be done for more footsteps on our page.

  1. Let your friends know about your blog – when you start the blogging seriously and want that you gain readers soon, let others like friends and relatives know about it.
  2. You can also keep option for others to log in your page as guest blog reader. You yourself also need to read other’s blog to be able to keep your ideas flowing.
  3. You need to keep commenting on other’s blogs and your crisp commenting can interest regular readers of those blogs to be interested to know what you write about. Add value to the comments and keep a link or signature so that they can come to your page.
  4. Your blogs must have options for others to review and agree or disagree to the point explained and then they can link out to other sites. They must not feel you are trying to keep them from going to other sites.
  5. Make use of promoting your URL by using a signature or a letterhead for yourself and then others will understand your own style.
  6. Using different options for search engine optimization can definitely bring in more readers for your blog. This will increase the rank of your page but it will not be overnight that you become popular. Keep patience and do the good work.
  7. There are people who will be interested in reading interviews of other popular bloggers and you can insert a video or type out the interview.
  8. Using Social sites intelligently to get some of the readers to find your articles can be another way. You must choose which social network will have more readers for the type of blog that you write.
  9. You can keep options for your blogs so that the people reading them or viewing a video from your page can easily share the write up with their friends. These will bring in fresh new readers.
  10. You can ask other similar viewed people to vote for your site. Do not do this for every write up but sometimes this can be done so that the traffic increases within a short time.
  11. You can get your site to be linked to other sites that have good readers. If this is a fixed link or banner etc. for advertisement, then the site will pay you for the link. The ranking will also rise if the seller site is highly ranked.
  12. Keep the design of your page simple but bright and the write up must be visible clearly through whatever design the page has. The design must not cover the main attraction of the page.
  13. You can start a small competition on the comments or views and the best one selected can be given a small token gift and the name appears at a special place of your page – this can make the readers work regularly for this offer.

The site that you create must keep up with the regular competition of the various other sites that comes up every day. You need to work hard for your site and for the topic and write up of the page so that the people gets really interested in them and visits regularly to appreciate your views and thinking potential.

Author Bio: Rajkumar Jonnala works for a Web design Taiwan company that provides customized web design Company solutions in Taiwan , Shanghai, Beijing and other parts of China.

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