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Update your Facebook status in blue colour [Working Trick]

We have already learnt about having a custom tag name for a page or person. For Reference, Read this… . We posted the trick when it worked perfectly. But Recently, I could find some changes on Facebook that most of the bugs are cleared and interaction with Facebook is smoother than before. However, they have left some bugs still, that works to surprise your friends.

You can update your status on Facebook using blue coloured text in which it is linked with the profile id ‘0’ (zero). Profile id ‘0’ means nothing but it redirects to the profile page of the person who clicks it. To perform this trick, use the following code on your status.

@@[1:[0:1:Your Status Here]]

Copy and Paste to your ‘Update Status’ box. Insert your status text in the code to make the trick live. Prank your friend by making funny status as shown in the example below picture:

This trick can be used everywhere, that is, on comments, your friend’s wall, Page’s wall, Group’s wall etc.

In the above example, when your friend clicks the link ‘Click here’, it takes him/her to him/her profile! Cool, Right? Still Waiting? Hurry!

Test here! Comment using this trick! 🙂 Spread Post! Enjoy Social Life!

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